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How to convert/optimize PDF for Kindle

(I do not want to encourage you to use pirated eBooks. always try to buy eBooks and help relevant authors.)
Reading an eBook in your computer screen is not confortable as reading a paperback book. That’s where modern eBook reader devices come into picture. Kindle is  a common name for popular Amazon’s eBook reader device. Those devices are mainly designed for reading documents/books in Kindle format (MOBI)  and those Kindle books can be easily bought from Amazon.
However most of eBook reading devices are compatible for PDF file format. PDF is the most widely used format for freely available eBooks. All the books published around the world can not be found from Amazon store.
how can you read your own PDF eBooks/ documents in Kindle device?
if you transfer your PDF document as it is to the reading device , it may mess up with formatting and will not be easy to read as with computer screen. best option is to convert your PDF before transferring into Kindle.
How to convert PDF for Kindle device for easy reading?

1. Amazon will convert for you

you may not believe. But this is one of the best option. once you purchase a Kindle device and register it with Amazon, you will be given a Kindle email ID for document service. it’s something like you can visit amazon web site and browse into Device management. you can find your document service id there. also you can set (linked) your personal email id which is used to send document to kindle email id for processing. please note that your email id must be registered(linked) with them for particular device. otherwise this will not work.
compose new mail message using your registered personal email ID.
change subject to convert
attach your PDF
after few minutes, your device will be received converted (optimized) PDF fro your Kindle device.

2. Mobi Pocket Creator

this is the best tool, I have tested so far. it gives almost similar output to Amazon document service. also output is in mobi (or PRC) (eBook format). you need to visit Mobipocket creator home page to download the this free software. download and install the software. now you are ready to convert your first PDF file for kindle( or other eBook readers)
Run MOBIPOCKET CREATOR. select import from existing file – Adobe PDF


Choose a PDF file to convert (file import wizard) and press import button.


Now your book is ready for further editing


Book settings – book type – eBook
if you want you can change meta data of the book or cover image.


Click on Build file menu. if you want to you can choose compression option and Encryption options. normally I use standard compression and no encryption. press build button


your eBook is ready. you will see your eBook file with .prc or .mobi file extension. transfer it via USB and enjoy reading your document with Kindle.

read advance guide for how to create eBook for eBook readers with Mobipocket creator.


It’s a free tool for converting your PDF file into optimized PDF for Kindle. specially this is the best when you want to convert PDF which is composed with images/ scanned pages. please visit to download the free software and more instructions
you can use following open source software for editing PDF file prior to K2pdfopt conversion. Some eBooks are composed by scanning pages of paperback books. those type of PDF are often needed pre-editing, prior to k2psfopt conversion. 

1. Briss – an open source tool which can be used to cropping PDF files. batch processing is possible and a good tool to optimize eBook composed from scanned pages. You can remove extra margin (white space), page numbers and header or putter as you wish during pre-editing with Briss. you can read our Briss Tutorial for more detailed description.Click here to read briss tutorial.

2.pdfsam-2.2.4 – an open source PDF editing tool. merge/extract and much more PDF editing is possible. you always do not not need to convert whole PDF for Kindle. you may need to remove some unwanted pages, rotate some pages, split your document based on decided page numbers. pdfsam is the best open source tool for those requirements.
I’ll give you small example. I have a PDF document which was composed by scanning pages of the paperback book. pages of PDF looks like below. is it easy to read it with this condition? irritating?

This is the original PDF.It’s not easy to read with this condition.(99.1KB)
click on image to download the file to verify your self.
brisscropped Extra white spaces (margins), page numbers and header were removed by cropping with Briss.
click on image to download the file to verify your self.

You can see that text flow is not horizontally aligned. if you try to read this document as it is with your Kindle, you will end up with loosing interest for reading. thanks to k2pdfopt. check the output file (184KB) after k2pdfopt conversion (optimized for Kindle 1-5 devices).


click on image to download the file to verify your self.
it’s perfect. now you can easily read this document with your Kindle. text flow is exactly aligned. this was done by selecting “Auto straighten” option in k2pdfopt.
you may notice the change on file size. initial file was 99.1KB. after cropping with Briss, it was increased to 99.2KB. Final file which was optimized for Kindle is 184KB. it’s almost double the size of  original. this is basically attached to hard work done for text flow straitening. but this is not the normal for every k2pdfopt conversion.

you can also further reduce file size by compromising the file quality.

4. On line tools will convert your PDF files into Kindle format.

5.Want to know how it works for your Kindle

if you are having difficulty to convert your eBook for your Kindle, send your file or post a link to your file in comment section with details of your Kindle model. we can convert for you for once. it’s free. next time you can do your self.

6. Where to get free eBooks?

I have seen many online stores which are still selling freely available eBooks. You can find many eBooks at Project Gutenberg with no cost.
Project Gutenberg offers over 46,000 free eBooks: choose among free ePub books, free kindle books, download them or read them online.


  1. I downloaded MObipocket creator and there is no option for pdfs, it only works with html, ms word, and text -- don't bother!!

    1. Dear Ava
      when you install Mobipocket creator install as a Publisher (not as a home user). This question will be prompt during installation.
      after installing the Mobipocket creator,run it and then click on Adobe PDF under "import from existing file" sub menu in Mobipocket creator home screen.
      (please refer the first screen shot in the post)

  2. A good tool I have been trying for converting pdf documents to mobi or epub formats compatible with Kindle is this one: that generates fast results. Upload files and see how it works. Thanks!

    1. yes. i had look at the site you mentioned. it's a good alternative to still i personally prefer Mobipocket creator in case of personal documents. you do not want to worry about uploading your personal document to a remote server.

  3. Thank you a lot for sharing resource and tutorial for convert PDF to mobi for Kindle.
    Usually I have to copy text on PDF to .txt file, then convert .txt to .mobi.
    Your guide provides me a more convenient and easy way.
    Thank you again for guiding.
    PDF conversion

  4. Thank you for sharing this valuable information.

  5. Combination of Mobipocket and calibre is absolutely PERFECT !!! Have been looking for this kind of result more than a week. GREAT. Many thanks

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